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PhD Student



I am a PhD student based at the University of La Réunion in the research lab for Tropical Marine Ecology of the Pacific and Indian Oceans (l'UMR Entopie). My PhD research focusses on the role of tropical seabird colonies in maintaining nutrient cycles and their impact in the functioning of island ecosystems. The project involves multiple sites of different natural and ecological conditions in the Western Indian Ocean, and aims to improve understanding of the ecological role of seabirds on islands.


Before I started my PhD, I worked for six years in terrestrial and marine conservation and research projects, on several islands in the Western Indian Ocean, including the inner Seychelles, Aldabra Atoll (with the Seychelles Islands Foundation) and Round Island (with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation). Throughout this time, I moved from junior to senior scientific and management roles where I developed a breadth of practical leadership skills, from sound scientific data collection, to project and team management.  

Project title: The role of tropical seabird colonies in the dynamics of island ecosystems







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  2. Appoo JC, Sanchez C, Burt AJ, Richards, van de Crommenacker J, Currie J & Fleischer-Dogley F. (2019) The use of Aldabra and its protected waters by marine mammals. Seychelles Research Journal 1(2): 166-179

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