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Our monthly meetings are a cornerstone of the ConScience community, offering a platform for engaging discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking among conservation researchers. These gatherings provide an opportunity to delve into various facets of conservation science, from exploring cutting-edge research to discussing practical challenges and solutions.

Below, you can find details about our upcoming meetings as well as a recap of past meetings to get a glimpse of our diverse range of discussions and presentations.


Upcoming Meetings:

  • 5th June 2024: How to prepare for fieldwork (e.g. permits, equipment, health, cultural considerations etc.)


We will then have a break over the summer and resume with monthly meetings again in September.

Past Meetings:


  • May: Strategies for increasing research impact: enhancing the real-world influence of research outcomes and science-comms to reach broader audiences

  • April: Protected areas and the future of insect conservation: Discussion around a publication by Chowdhury et al. 2023, published in Trends in Ecology & Evolution

  • February: What have ConScience members been up to?


  • December: Sustainability challenges in socioecological systems: Discussion around research integration

  • November: Data Collection for Effective Conservation Science: Sharing experiences from using specific data collection methods and tools

  • October: What have ConScience members been up to? Update and potential for collaboration between members (e.g. current work, (un)published papers, new project ideas)

  • September: What have ConScience members been up to?

  • July: Work less to achieve more - lessons from the world's most productive researchers. Discussion around the published work of Mark Reed “The Productive Researcher”

  • June: Understanding preferences for biodiversity – Participation in a 30-minute online choice experiment to explore biodiversity preferences

  • May: Q&A Panel Discussion: What does your PhD qualify you for outside of Academia?

  • April: The potential for sustainable chocolate production to support biodiversity conservation - Guest presentation by the owners of Cornwall-based chocolatiers Rio Nuevo

  • March: Lessons learnt from the human dimension of applied conservation (e.g., conflict, collaboration, co-management)

  • February: Non-invasive monitoring techniques for fieldwork (e.g., camera trapping, drone surveys, footprint survey, Cybertracker, acoustic monitoring, eDNA)


  • December: What have ConScience members been up to?

  • November: Decolonising language in conservation: Discussion around the new guide from Survival International

  • October: Being an early career researcher: Common challenges and questions (e.g., grant applications, choosing suitable scientific journals, collaborators, fieldwork, writing)

  • September: The role of social media in conservation research

  • August: Sustainability of conservation research overseas (parachute science, social impact, traveling overseas, etc.)

  • July: What have ConScience members been up to?

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