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PhD Student

I am a conservation researcher interested in the interface between environmental and human sciences.

My current work studies the ecological and social dimensions of birds of prey translocations and focuses on the proposed translocation of the locally endangered hen harrier to Southern England. To this end, I am investigating local stakeholder perspectives, the debate surrounding the management of the species in the media, but also the viability of the reintroduced individuals when socio-political and ecological factors are considered. The project is supervised by Prof Dave Hodgson and Prof Robbie McDonald, and is funded by Natural England and the University of Exeter.

Previously, I completed a BSc in Natural Sciences at the University of Milan and an MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London. During the latter, I conducted a research project aimed at understanding drivers of landholders’ tolerance towards large predators (i.e., wolves and bears) with an eye to informing conservation management and fostering coexistence in two protected areas in Abruzzo, Italy.


Marino F, Kansky R, Shivji I, Di Croce A, Ciucci P, Knight AT. 2020. Understanding drivers of human tolerance to gray wolves and brown bears as a strategy to improve landholder–carnivore coexistence. Conservation Science and Practice:e265.

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