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Aldabra Rat and Cat eradication planning consultant, Seychelles Islands Foundation

I recently completed my DPhil under the Oxford Doctoral Training Programme and my research aims to improve the effectiveness of management to island ecosystems.  Prior to commencing my PhD research, I spent eight years in conservation management and research positions in the western Indian Ocean region, including working in senior scientific roles for GVI Seychelles, Nature Seychelles and lastly as the scientific coordinator for Aldabra atoll, a marine UNESCO world heritage site. I was responsible for managing the research team on Aldabra; maintaining the data quality of a broad monitoring programme. I specialise in both marine and terrestrial tropical habitat monitoring and conservation. 

My research more specifically aims to:

  1. Map coral population connectivity  to inform management & policy of the coral reef system in Seychelles.

  2. Investigate the issue of marine plastic pollution in small island nations like Seychelles and generate information that is useful for future management of this threat.

  3. Investigate, through social science methods, the factors that influence island management practitioner's ability to achieve their management objectives.

Supervisors: Dr Nancy Bunbury, Dr Lindsay Turnbull, Dr Ana Nuno, Dr Steve Kelly

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