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MbyRes Student

After recently completing my bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology at the University of Exeter, I am currently an MbyRes student supervised by Dr Kimberley Hockings, Dr Xavier Harrison (University of Exeter) and Dr Matthew Carrigan (Santa Fe College). I will be exploring animal-ethanol interactions; looking at the ethanol content and consumption of naturally fermenting fruits by Western Chimpanzees, in Cantanhez National Park, Guinea- Bissau.

Prior to my degree I interned at Cloudbridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica, conducting bird monitoring and ecological surveys, as well as camera trapping and monitoring of the unique feeding behaviour of Jaguars on sea turtles at Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica. Through this, and my degree, I have developed a particular interest in tropical ecology and conservation, human-wildlife interactions and primatology.

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